Immunization Program

Flu Shots

We will provide flu and pneumonia shots for persons aged 9 and over in southwest Florida. Visit for a detailed listing of our community clinics.

Immunization Program

Flu Shots for Medicare Beneficiaries

Hope accepts traditional Medicare Part B, RR Medicare, and the Part B equivalent through Universal. Beneficiaries will need to show their Medicare cards to avoid out of pocket expense. At the moment, we are unable to accept other Medicare plans or HMOs, but we will be happy to provide an insurance-ready receipt that you may submit for reimbursement. Please note that no guarantees can be made as to whether insurance plans will reimburse for flu and/or pneumonia vaccination.

Travel Health and Additional Vaccinations

The VNA Travel Clinic offers affordable vaccines and travel education. Services are tailored to your destination.

Please call ahead for the price and availability of all vaccinations, including: chickenpox, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Measles—Mumps—Rubella, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Polio, HPV4 (Gardasil), Rabies, Shingles, Tetanus—Diphtheria, Tetanus—Diphtheria—Pertussis, skin testing for TB, Typhoid and Yellow Fever.

Some vaccines may be covered by insurance. Others may pay by cash, check or credit card.

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